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Don’t Tag Me, Bro

7. April 2012


I do my best to be positive in all my online interactions, but I have make an exception to my general online joviality to address a very obnoxious trend. It happens to me far too often for comfort, so I’ve decided to take a stand against this insidious practice. If we can defeat this evil, […]

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It’s Your Fault If You Don’t Know Everything

28. March 2012

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We live in an age of perpetual scholastics. A world where attending college is a foregone conclusion, and where most gainful employment requires multiple degrees. We spend decades of our life in constant tutelage to avoid burger-flipping damnation, and even then there is a slight chance that our jobs after college will have something to do […]

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Google is a Grumpy Old Man (And I’m Dating His Daughter)

26. March 2012


Ever since I started writing content for The Social Chic, I had to deal with something I always hoped I could avoid, Google. While I love using Google, as a website trying to attain visibility in an insanely competitive online world Google is a source of constant torment.   The headaches of search optimization seem, at least to me, […]

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What a Long, Strange Tweet It’s Been: Reflections On My First Hatchday

19. March 2012


Today officially marks my first year on Twitter, and I must say, it’s been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I have met so many fantastic people, learned so many things, and had so many unique life experiences with Twitter that it literally boggles the mind. I thought I would share the […]

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Twitter is the Voice of the Collective Soul of Humanity

14. February 2012


A very strange thought came to me this evening. I often think about how famous artists from the sixties used to talk of the collective soul of humanity. How we are “one unified consciousness, a cosmic hive mind living out one life with the illusion of separate bodies.” I’ve always liked that mindset, seeing as how that mode […]

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