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Google is a Grumpy Old Man (And I’m Dating His Daughter)

26. March 2012


Ever since I started writing content for The Social Chic, I had to deal with something I always hoped I could avoid, Google. While I love using Google, as a website trying to attain visibility in an insanely competitive online world Google is a source of constant torment.   The headaches of search optimization seem, at least to me, […]

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What Does Your Follower Ratio Say About You?

21. March 2012


What Does your Follower Ratio Say About You?

There is an secret identification code in the Twittersphere. A code that tells those in the know what kind of Twitter user a person is, what their goals are with social media, and whether you or not a person is worth following. It works far better than a Klout score and is only slightly more complicated […]

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Spambots Are Getting Meaner Everyday.

26. January 2012


I know I will probably come off as an old timer when I say this, but spambots used to be better back in the day. It used to be that you would get spammed by Nigerian princes in need of a loan, or by multi-colored eggs offering instant solutions for losing weight, but these days […]

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