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What To Do When Someone Follows You: Five Steps to Twitter Mastery

17. October 2012

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What to do When Someone Follows You On Twitter

We’ve all experienced this magical moment. You get a *bleep* on your phone, or a notification in your browser. You hurriedly refresh your feed and, lo and behold, it’s a new follower! This is one of the best moments in all of Twitter: being followed. The rush of excitement, joy, and a touch of narcissism […]

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The Art of Subtweeting

14. October 2012


In the complex and shifting social rituals of Twitter, nothing is more misunderstood and poorly executed than the Subtweet. Elusive in its perfection, deadly when used correctly, pathetic and laughable in the hands of a amatuer— it is a delicate art only mastered by an illuminated few. For the handful of people who grasp the […]

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The Subtle Rules of Following

31. August 2012

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Twitter etiquette is subtle language of behavior that few people speak fluently. It’s understandable, since there is no guidebook you receive when you join, and the rules of Twitter conduct change on a semi-daily basis. It’s been over a year since I got hooked on the beautiful blue bird, and I still commit numerous Twitter […]

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