Epic Tweets: Dino Dogan and the Irresistible Allure of Confusion

Fri, Feb 10, 2012

How to Write Epic Tweets

Another powerful tool in the arsenal of the epic tweeter is the power of ambiguity. Be just vague enough, and your tweet will be irresistible to the mouse clicks of your followers. The great Sun Tzu wrote that one should “feign confusion in order to lure the enemy on”. We’re guessing that the father of modern military tactics would have been a total ninja at Twitter.


Case in point, @Dino_dogan and this masterwork of a tweet:

When I saw this poetic beauty of ambiguity, I had to find out what it meant. I read it several different ways, each of which increased my interest at finding out way lay behind the subtle bit.ly link. Of course it lead to a thought provoking blog post, definitely worth a read after you finish the rest of this post, but the only reason I examined this link and not the thousands of others that populate my feed was because of it’s alluring combination of confusion and intrigue. When striving to write an epic tweet, keep this in mind: the right brand of confusion will render click-throughs and Retweets like moths to a flame.

I’m always on the prowl for more epic tweets. If you know of any that rocked  your mind recently, let me know. The world is always in need of more epic tweets.

Mr.  David Benson is a social media analyst and coffeephile. He currently lives in New York City and works as an analyst for Mashwork, a social media analytics company.

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2 Responses to “Epic Tweets: Dino Dogan and the Irresistible Allure of Confusion”

  1. Dino Dogan (@dino_dogan) Says:

    oh dude, thnx so much for thinking so highly of my little tweet 🙂

    I actually didnt think it was all that ambiguous. In my mind (a scary place, I’ll grant you :-), it’s a lesson in inertia. So many of us think we’re so damn great and that our 15 minutes is sure to come, and thats a great way to miss your 15 minutes.

    Anyways, thnx again for writing a post about me. It’s humbling.


    • David Benson Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Dino. Confusion might not be the best word to describe it, but I’m my mind (and equally scary and bizarre place) it captured some of the elegant mystique of the wording inside your MasterTweet.

      I’m always on the lookout for epic tweets to glorify and analyze, so I’m sure there will be a future post on one of your 140 character creations. Cheers mate.

      P.s let’s try to get the word mastertweet to become a thing. You down?


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