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The Subtle Rules of Following

31. August 2012

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Twitter etiquette is subtle language of behavior that few people speak fluently. It’s understandable, since there is no guidebook you receive when you join, and the rules of Twitter conduct change on a semi-daily basis. It’s been over a year since I got hooked on the beautiful blue bird, and I still commit numerous Twitter […]

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Tweet Your Way to Better Writing

11. April 2012


Tweet your Way to Better Writing

If you are like me, then I’m sure your life has been forever changed by the glorious sunrise that is Mad Men. It’s awakened a desire in me to dress snappier, order increasingly more complex cocktails, and to write better. In fact, the Social Chic owes it’s existence, at least in part, to the shenanigans […]

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Blog Your Way to Better Creativity

1. April 2012


     If you do anything with your life more engaging than watching paint dry, then you’ve probably run up against creative block in the pursuit of a goal. Creative block, no matter what discipline, can be a maddening ordeal. Conjuring the muse is often the difference between work that is merely adequate and work that stands […]

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What Does Your Follower Ratio Say About You?

21. March 2012


What Does your Follower Ratio Say About You?

There is an secret identification code in the Twittersphere. A code that tells those in the know what kind of Twitter user a person is, what their goals are with social media, and whether you or not a person is worth following. It works far better than a Klout score and is only slightly more complicated […]

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Silly Internet, Pinterest Isn’t Just for Girls

20. March 2012


Being one of the few men who are rabid fans of Pinterest has me feeling a lot like the Trix rabbit. I’ve found a service from which I derive immense enjoyment, but I’m continuously told it’s a service not designed for me. “Silly boy, Pinterest is for girls” is usually part of the conversation at […]

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